Beautiful things happen when you take pride in yourself.

“When European Ideals and standards of beauty mean absolutely nothing.” -Kye

"throughout the world we have people that do not notice each other's essence and humanity" -Kye 

Everyone's culture is unique and beautiful. But it's important to display each cultures various beauty. Not just one type. Which is what mainstream media does. It's important for everyone of multiple cultures to know and celebrate what is beautiful about themselves. Kye's way of breaking prejudices and stereotypes is amazing to me! 

Very smart young lady named Kye "Broke the Internet" while heading to prom and also inspired me to write this blog post.

She's a very smart 18 year old. In addition to aspiring to be a designer she should also consider becoming a writer. Articles featuring Kye talk about her ground breaking prom dress. Which was beautifully  sketched and designed by her. The Afro-centric print, vibrant color of the gown is breathtaking and she's rocking her hair in a perfectly coiffed Afro!  
She is beautiful and so is that prom gown but her words are what's more impressive. 

It's exactly what society needs to embrace. It's also for people who have felt embarrasses to be themselves!

Be yourself and don't live life with prejudice. Stereotypes are just opinions that plague your existence. When you embrace those things you're stunting your growth mentally and spiritually. This negativity will only manifest within you breeding more negativity. It's a pivotal part of life to live prejudice free, be cultured, creative and charismatic. 

Kye stated "I believe that in order for society to gain a wider horizon, we have to be willing to acknowledge other people from differences, beliefs, morals, and values." 

Today everyone should try to talk to someone new! Spark up a convo, BE YOURSELF, without prejudice... Ya never know it can lead to something beautiful! 

She ended her writing with an uplifting note on embracing who you are. "Don’t let anyone define you. Beautiful things happen when you take pride in yourself. #blackgirlsrock #kyebreaktheinternet


   Growing up I've always had a love for fashion and design, maybe it stemmed from childhood. looking through old black and white photos of my grandmother in beauty pageants, or it could've been images of my mother and aunts draped in glamorous threads, circa NYC 60's, 70's and 80's. My mother whom I always admired, was a model and singer, she was always and still is very stylish and glam. Was I influenced? yes! Although I believe I was naturally drawn to fashion and entertainment.

I modeled at an early age, I just loved to get dressed up, acting was also a favorite of mine. I actually enjoyed that more because I love having a voice outside of just taking pics. (Hence my youtube channel)

But is Fashion and style something you need to learn? Or does it come naturally? Style is what you do with Fashion.   So is it necessary to attain a specific Fashion degree, to excel in the fashion field? Learning terminology, textile, and period pieces?…. Is that something you can learn on your own? I feel it comes so naturally. Is that natural ability all that is needed to excel in the fashion field? or do you need the education? Or is it about what looks good on that resume?

Well I'm posting this knowing that, I love fashion, and entertainment, I have since forever and yet I still manage to gain that degree and pursue even higher. I've always been told to reach for the stars if I should fall, ill land on the moon. 

(S:N) feel free to leave your thoughts below.


Fashion Friday: Men's Fashion: Leather Sweatpants

This Fall/Winter fashion is all about Leather. I love the leather sleeves on the sweatshirt look, perfect way to mix sporty and chic. Since that's such a big trend in Men's Fashion, why not make leather sweat pants!

I love a guy with style. Check out my fave guys rocking my these leather sweatpants and Street Styling to the max!

  • Bottega Venetta Leather Sweatpants 
  • Prada Velvet coat
  • Maison Martin Margiela Hoodie
Swagged Out!

  • En Noir leather sweatpants retail $1,299
  • SweatShirt and Jordans

Miss Rich Tip: If you don't have Kayne West money opt for mixing high-low fashion looks and keeping it cute, like Usher did!, he always wins in my book of Style! 

Outfit of the Day: Thanksgiving

I spent Thanksgiving in Virginia. Love the country atmosphere and I had to take advantage of the scenic view.

I wore burgundy/oxblood which is the color of the season. I love how it compliments the colors of the leaves. I opted to go for a country look flannel shirt( Target) high wasted shorts(thirfted DIY), and knees highs (Top Shop), oxblood turtle neck crop-top (Asos)

Stay tuned for video YouTube: MissRichTv